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About Me

I first got involved with making products from recycled tires in the 80's. During college I would make my first horse tire swings and sell to help out with college bills. A few swing designs were added including the longhorn and reindeer.

Over the next few years I tried numerous ventures, but the one constant was making chidrens tire swings , as well as other products, from recycled tires. You may have seen me or my products at markets and art shows throughout Texas and across the nation.

In the mid 90's I put up my first website for my recycled tire business, www.ponyswings.com. While it wasn't a flood of new business, it did prove to me that I could make a full time endeavor out of making art from recycled tires. My line grew, having made over 20 different original tire swings designs, tropical bird planters, and many other products, predominately from recycled tires.

Fast forward to today. I inspire to continue making creative and fun art from recycled tires. I've lost count of all the different types of products I have made from recycled tires, but it is well up into the hundreds.You can see my work in backyards, patios,parks restaurants and even zoos throughout the country.

I'm truly blessed by my loving family,and having the opportunity to do something original that brings smiles to people across this great land.

Me and my family thank you for supporting this small, original, handmade in America business!


Jeff Lehman